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10 Reasons To Choose Conklin Roof Coatings

 Welcome, to the website of the best commercial roofing contractor in southern Colorado. High Plains Roof Restorations is partnered with Conklin to bring the people of southern Colorado the best acrylic roof coatings available. They specialize in customer satisfaction, on time job completion, and staying within the existing quote.

 Today I will be telling you the top 10 reasons to choose Conklin roof coatings. If you don't know about Conklin roofs, I will explain. Conklin is a commercial roofing company that back in 1977 invented acrylic roof coatings, these acrylic roof coatings are designed to reflect up o 85% of the sun's harmful rays, saving you a great deal of money in air conditioning costs and other energy bills.

 So without further adieu lets get down to the 10 Reasons To Choose A Conklin Roof.

1. Energy Efficiency Of The Roof Coatings.

 The most popular reason for people getting a Conklin roof is because of their energy saving capabilities. The final coat of each roof restoration system has a special reflection value that reflects up to 85% of the sun's rays. This benefit can cut your energy bill by 30%, that's a massive savings.

2. Lower Taxes If you Choose a Conklin Roofing System.

 In recent years our government has focused on the environment to help keep our planet in tip top shape. If your building has a high energy bill and an old roof that is not very energy efficient you could get taxed more heavily.

There are a few ways you can fix this, one of these is to get a Conklin spray foam roofing system. This systems doubles as an insulation system and a waterproofing system, two birds with one stone it's a no brainer guys. Another way to remedy this problem is to get any Conklin roofing system because of the energy and tax benefits of them. 

3. The Lasting Durability Of The Coatings.

 These roofing systems are also extremely durable and lightweight most of the time you won't even have to strengthen your roof structure. These coatings are so durable that some of them have been known to withstand 140 mph winds and baseball size hail. 

 These systems are also very flexible some roofs are in an area that it gets really cold and really warm really fast and the membrane does not crack or loose its energy efficiency. That's pretty awesome right.

4. A Cheaper Alternative To a Tear-off And Re-roof.

 Many Building owners don't know what to do when their roof starts to leak. They think they need to tear off their old roof and put on an entirely different one. But with Conklin's acrylic coatings all you have to do is call High Plains Roof Restorations to get your roof resealed with one of the Conklin roofing systems.

 The reason this made it to the list of 10 Reasons To Choose Conklin Roof Coatings is because this is one of the main reasons that people just throw away money. It could cost three time more to do this then to just get it resealed.

5. Your New Roof Coating Will Look Better.

 Many building owners want their building to look good, and with a conklin roofing system all your building will do is look good, and keep your building cooler by reflecting the sun's rays, and give you lower taxes. Conklin roof are awesome aren't they. 

6. If Your Current Roof is Leaking.

 This point obviously had to be on here because well, it's pretty obvious. The way to fix this is to get a Conklin roofing system because these roofing systems are designed to give you leak free protection for years to come and extend the life an existing roof.

7. The Lightweight, Quality, Roofing Materials.

 Conklin only uses the best quality and lightest roofing materials. Conklin knows that most of the roofing systems out their are pretty bad, not all of them but some of them. With this in mind Conklin wanted to make the best roofing systems and materials available, and they accomplished this the weight per square foot is about 0.5 lbs that's amazing!

8. Best Performing Roofing Systems

 I'm just going to tell you what the people who bought them said.

 Sheldon S. Delaware:

 We applied foam and coating to the roof of the Playtex facility in Delaware two decades ago. At that time, I figured that the roof would last about 12-15 years. But 20 years later, the roof was still problem-free and going strong – it was just in need of a recoat to renew the warranty!

 Keith M. School Superintendent:

 We live in an area where the temperatures range from 25 below zero to 100°, so the roof has a lot of weather-related movement and stress. The MR System sealed our leaks, stopped the rust and keeps our students and staff dry. As a bonus, we’ve seen an increase in energy efficiency, and are now spending less to cool the building. We are going to have more of our buildings restored with the MR System.

9. The Conklin Roof Coatings are Cheaper Then Other Coatings.

 I know what your're thinking "dude these roofing systems have got to be a ton of money" but in reality they are very affordable. Some building owners are able to pay it off well within the warranty period.

 Another great quality of the conklin roofing systems is the warranties, non pro-rated warranties to be exact. Also, if the person who bought the building decides to sell the building the warranty transfers over to the new building owner.

10. If You Are Reading this post.

 I know this sounds super cheesy but think about it why are you here, you probably don't want donuts right? You want to know some more information about conklin roofs and weather or not you need a new roof. Call us at (710) 400-9073 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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