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About High Plains

Florence Colorado's Premier Commercial Roofing Contractor

Looking for an affordable way to preserve your roof? We've established a reputation in the Florence area as the best commercial roofers around.  We'll take care of those nasty leaks that can affect your day to day business operations. Once we're finished, you'll have a durable, energy-efficient roof that will protect your commercial assets for years to come. Give us a call today at (719) 400-9073!


We've teamed up with the best...

The bottom line is that a roof is a long-term investment – not just another expense. And whether you’re a building owner or facility manager, you can be sure that our roofing systems are a smart investment to keep your bottom line strong.

For over 35 years, contractors have built sterling reputations and strong businesses with the help of Conklin products. Their systems have been tested and proven on over two billion square feet of roofing, and have allowed Conklin contractors to deliver unsurpassed quality for decades. Trust your reputation to High Plains and Conklin!

Andrew Slabaugh

High Plains Owner

I was born into a family of construction workers. After working many years in the industry, I moved to Colorado and founded High Plains. Our roofers are dedicated to providing your business with the protection it needs. High Plains has a solution for any flat or low sloped roof restoration project. Whether it be a garage, mobile home, small business or warehouse. Partnered with Conklin products, we can solve your roofing problems once and for all. Put your trust in High Plains. You'll be in good hands.