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Commercial Services

We Stand Above Other Area Commercial Roofing Companies In Several Ways 

5 Reasons To Choose High Plains Over The Competition

  1. We give free estimates.

  2. We offer fast response and turnaround times.

  3. We bring years of industry experience to each job.

  4. We've partnered with Conklin products, with up to a 40 year service life.

  5. We offer 10-18 year warranties on our roofs.

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Conklin Systems

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Spray Foam

Metal Restoration

Fabric Reinforced

Single Ply


Energy Star Certified

Conklin and High Plains are proud to be partners of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program; our white roof systems meet the EPA’s stringent guidelines for energy efficiency, and help to protect the environment in a number of ways by:

  • Decreasing the energy required to cool the building, resulting in less air pollution.
  • Reducing the amount of roofing materials discarded into landfills with exceptional sustainability.
  • Minimizing summertime heat island effects in city environments, slowing down the formation of smog.

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